The Integrated Mountain Group Team

Who We Are

We at Integrated Mountain Group offer decades of experience and expertise in Commercial and Residential Real Estate Sales, Homeowners Association and Property Management, Property Maintenance as well as Financial Services.

Our commitment is to you – our customers, bringing you the breadth of skills and capabilities, and best customer service, based on decades of experience and expertise to assist you, thereby ensuring your success in achieving your long-term goals.

What We Do

We strive to elevate each customer’s success with a unique combination of capabilities, skill, knowledge and leading-edge technology.

Our Mission

To comprehensively integrate skills and capabilities with local knowledge and understanding – across each business area – as needed to enhance value for our customers and elevate their success.

Our Company Culture

Our company is about bringing world class skills, systems and processes to the mountain environment, which allows us to learn, grow and create an environment where expertise is rewarded and can thrive. At the same time, we bring this value to our customers in ways that are unique and unmatched in this mountain environment, the place in which we have all chosen to live and do business.

We embrace the mountains and a mountain lifestyle, while at the same time embracing and integrating business professionalism in what we do. We utilize leading-edge systems and processes in our execution. This establishes who we are, where we live and why we are here.